Webpage tip plus download  of KompoZer webpage editor
                                                                                                      ( alternate link-  http://hotshorturl.com/amj86 )   

  download KompoZer webpage editor  (free)
1. both the beta and earlier versions are available for download.
2. the earlier versions are stable but the beta version has occassional
    bugs that corrupts the underlying HTML codes at  the "Head
    section" of the generated codes.
3. for users famuliar with HTML, the corrupted codes in the beta
    version may easily be corrected 
using Kompozer's feature to
    manually edit the HTML.

Webpage editing greatly becomes easier if the layout and development can utilize the facilities that are most easily provided only by table utilities and tools.

The KompoZer HTML webpage editor is equipped with unique table setup and usage facilities that are lacking in most other well known softwares for webpage development (KompoZer is the new version of the very successful "NVu editor" that has a similar table facility).

Another big advantage in webpage easy development for KompoZer over many other HTML editing softwares is that with KompoZer the same webpage file with the same extension (.htm or .html)  may be edited offline and then simply uploaded to any of the various existing companies currently existing.

In other editing softwares, an interim file with extension code that is different than that of the final webpage file is often needed or used to edit the webpage. The interim file must be converted to a format with  some standard webpage file extension code after editing is done.

With an interim extra file, editing as well as backup procedures is more complicated and prone to more problems that could arise somewhere before (or after) the webpage is published.

For KompoZer editable webpage, loss  of offline backup may be remedied by using  option at browsers to download (assuming the file cannot be recovered by downloading the file from the hosting company site) the source code for the site being displayed. HTML webpages are downloaded as files with either ".htm" or
".html"extension that can be directly edited through KompoZer.

The webpage file may be uploaded to hosting companies that accept HTML files. Companies that advertise "Cpanel"  features have good features (ie. facility to have your own email address).